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The news of rape cases always disturb me upto hell, no not because m a social worker it’s because m a girl. Whenever, i heard such news i starts imagine myself at the place of victims and can’t stop my self thinking of that situation where they were shouting for help and all they can get it someone who were eating her flesh just like a dog got his dinner after many days. Just an imagination make me feel worse,make me sacred of stepping out of home ,make me feel bad to be the part of this society.

My mom, she always used to say me come back home on time ,the place is no safe any more but what about them who are facing all these shits at their own home, in their own bedroom. It’s just another rape case, right??? Half of the people can show sympathy and can only utter the statements like girls are not safe, the government is not taking any action, girl should not go out of the home and lil more than can do is have a rally on name of victim. But do anyone of us thought ever that why girls always ,why???????? Either, its Nepal or India or any country why it’s

only girls who face all these cruelty???? Why we never heard news like boys are being gang raped or molested???? I, being a girl can feel ashamed that I can’t help them and I dont even know that may b “I am the next”. May b ur lil girl who is playing with u now can be molested on her way to school or in her own home, noone knows who is the next. It’s not just, NIRBHAYA NIRMALA MUSKAN PRIYANKA OR OTHER VICTIMS Imagine, what if ur daughter or ur sister is next. Just imagine one day u get a call that ur daughter or sister is brutally raped and murdered.

आदर्श कोतवाल स्वास्थ्य

I know u will feel bad after reading this statement though think once about that situation where u r helpless and u r at that scheme of life where u are going to lose ur beloved daughter or sister because of this. it’s hard to even imagine. It’s my humble request to all the boys, all the parents, whoever can reach out to my post , go n talk to ur daughter, ur sister, ur friend may b they need ur help, may b they are suffering with all these shits but can’t come out and speak about it. Stop blaming, start acting on this cruel act. it’s not government always, even we (u and me) and all of us are the reason behind it. let’s break this taboo and talk freely………… make ur society safer for ur own daughter, for all the women’s there


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